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Modern IT is moving faster than ever before.

At Suthars, we’re your partner in what’s next–giving you the right technology support to simplify your digital transformation and streamline your business intelligence.

We work with you to remove the barriers of IT, untangling the complex to open up new business possibilities. Whether you’re shaping government initiatives, guiding public policy, driving innovation in the private sector, or looking to achieve efficiencies through digital transformation, our process of design, implementation, support, and insights will help you embrace the right technology solutions to deliver better business outcomes.


Consulting Services

Our comprehensive consulting services offer a personalised approach to any of your business challenges. Through close collaboration, we delve into your business landscape, providing strategic insights and tailored recommendations aligned with your objectives.

Solution Architecture Services

Our experts guide you from conceptualisation to implementation, ensuring each step aligns intricately with your business goals. We go beyond simply supporting your major projects, embedding innovation into ongoing enhancements, minimising technical debt while supporting your evolving business functions.

Integration Solutions

Seamlessly integrate diverse systems with our specialised implementation services. Our team of experts support harmonious system interactions, maximising efficiency and significantly reducing operational bottlenecks.

Legacy System Replacement

Confidently embrace the future by replacing outdated legacy systems with our dedicated support. We not only facilitate the procurement of cutting-edge solutions but also offer a seamless cutover, minimising disruptions to your operations. Beyond implementation, our post-transformation support is designed to ensure continued success as your business grows.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Unlock the transformative power of data with our advanced analytics and reporting solutions. From business intelligence to customised reporting systems, we provide the tools necessary for informed decision-making. Whether it’s comprehensive financial reports, insightful sales analytics, or other critical data, our services cover all aspects, empowering your business through actionable insights.

Application development

We offer tailored solutions ranging from small-scale applications to SharePoint system integration. Prioritising information architecture, our focus goes beyond mere functionality – we dig deep to deliver applications that are thoughtfully organised for an enhanced user experience. Collaborating closely with you, we craft tools precisely tailored to your business needs, delivering the right business outcomes for both you and your customers.


GBE & semi-private government agencies

For government-backed enterprises and semi-private entities, Suthars offers tailored transformation and integration solutions. We understand the unique challenges faced by organisations operating in both the governmental and private sectors, and our solutions are designed to simplify the complexities of these dual environments.


Navigate the intricacies of the manufacturing sector with our specialised systems integrations and business solutions. Unlock the full potential of your line of business applications to develop efficient and cost-effective manufacturing plans, streamline inventory management, and optimise your supply chain – giving you the advantage you need to stay one step ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

Property management

Efficiently manage your property portfolios with our industry-tailored solutions for the property management sector. Whether it’s optimising portfolio management, enhancing tenant experiences, or implementing innovative solutions, Suthars is your strategic partner in achieving efficiency and success in property management.

Government departments

We understand the pivotal role of the government’s line of business applications in achieving enhanced performance and compliance. Equipped to address any and all departmental challenges, our expertise works perfectly alongside your portfolio management and framework-based practices, leveraging the right technology solutions for enhanced efficiency, compliance, and a streamlined public experience.


Our approach at Suthars is rooted in efficiency, collaboration, and a deep understanding of your business needs.

Here’s how we deliver more for your organisation:

Team structure for efficiency

Our team structure is meticulously designed so that each member plays a crucial role in delivering the best possible solutions for your organisation. Collaboration is at the core of our approach, guaranteeing a smooth and coordinated effort to meet and exceed your objectives. By harnessing the strengths of each team member, we ensure a unified and effective approach built upon a diverse range of ideas and perspectives.

Documentation approach

When we partner with you, our documentation approach is not about duplication but value addition. We work collaboratively with you to share and reuse documentation artefacts, avoiding unnecessary repetition of information. Our focus is on producing value-added documents that help your organisation manage and maintain necessary documentation, aligning with your established practices for maintenance and filing. This results in clarity, consistency, and streamlined processes throughout our collaboration.

Client-centric focus

At Suthars, we believe in understanding your business thoroughly before moving forward with any solution concepts. Our client-centric approach delivers solutions that always complement your broader strategy, surpassing  all of your expectations for continued growth and success.

Efficiency in business processes

Design and delivery, for us, transcend technology—they are about enhancing the efficiency of your business processes. We systematically optimise components to streamline workflows and maximise operational efficiency. By focusing on the essential details of your business processes, our solutions create tangible improvements throughout your entire operations. Efficiency is not just a goal; it’s an integral part of our approach to delivering solutions that make a real impact.